Digital Marketing Certification & Training offers training and resources to help businesses and individuals of all types learn the latest digital marketing tactics. We are dedicated to helping you accelerate your marketing success!

Certification for Digital Marketing & Sales Professionals

Get certified and start creating awesome marketing campaigns

Create clear and compelling marketing campaigns that bring in new users and skyrocket your sales.

Build automated funnels and create 24/7 sales workflows and bots easily.

Do You Struggle With Your Marketing?

Have you been struggling to grow traffic to your website, blog or app?

Do you lack a solid and consistent traffic system to acquire, engage and retain customers?

If you are struggling to get leads and stay on top of an ever changing marketing landscape then the Consulting Academy is for you.

What Makes Us So Different?

The Wayfinder Framework is revolutionary because it teaches you to stop playing the hero in the story, and instead, invite customers INTO a story.

Thousands of companies have made millions of dollars using the our Framework and marketing system. But, how can you know if you are doing it right? The answer is to attend a workshop or hire one of our consultants.

Free SEO Training

Online training with quick wins to make your site rank higher in Google, Bing or Yahoo Have a solid basic understanding of search engine optimization...

Search Engine Optimisation Course

We have created the most epic SEO course we are capable of creating. This includes everything we have learnt running successful SEO agencies for the...

View course $495 AUD

Google Analytics Course

Learn everything there is to know about Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides insights into your digital marketing activities and is...

View course $497 AUD

Paid Advertising Course

Our paid advertising course teaches you exactly how to create profitable Adwords & Facebook ad campaigns as quickly as possible.

View course Coming soon

Content Marketing

The all in one content marketing course. We will show you everything that you need to set up and launch editorial calendars and content that...

View course Coming soon

Email Marketing Course

The ultimate guide to email marketing. Everything you need to set up and grow a list of raving email subscribers.

View course Coming soon

Social Media Marketing Course

Social Media Marketing Courses. The right social media marketing course can give a beginner the head start needed to break into the communications industry -...

View course Coming soon

Conversion Design Course

Learn to design digital marketing campaigns that are focused on conversion and getting thumbs to stop scrolling and mouses clicking on your ads!

View course $497 AUD

Sales Funnels Course

Create bulletproof and automated sales funnels that convert prospects into customers.

View course Coming soon

Digital Marketing Bundle

The complete marketing stack in the palm of your hand. No more unknowns just everything we have ever made waiting for your brain to absorb...

View bundle $997 AUD

Digital Marketing Library Membership

The fastest growing companies are constantly discovering new and better ways to accelerate growth. But building these learning habits is hard. helps you increase your learning velocity to quickly discover breakout growth opportunities. also makes it easy to share and process learning so the entire network can use each other's discoveries to make a bigger impact on growth.